Welcome to Love and Luck Photo, I'm Katie! I love photographing, and celebrating, the important relationships of life.

My husband and I blended our lives, and 3 girls, together in 2015 in a small, bay-side wedding. 

My love for weddings comes from the observer in me. As a child I was quiet and very shy. I watched everyone and everything around me. Watching families come together at each wedding I photograph is pure joy. I love being able to document the happy occasion of two people becoming one and two families merging together. From the small details that the bride pours her heart into, to the laughter and sometimes tears throughout ceremonies and receptions, I leave each night smiling. 

Family portraits sessions are so much more than just taking a family photo. To me, they are about bringing the family all together. Laughing with your kids, taking time to hold your spouse's hand. Seeing siblings play and run. I have a large family, my aunts and uncles are like extended parents, my cousins are like my siblings. When I spend time photographing families, I am reminded of my own. I cherish the time I spend with them and I love sharing that with my clients.